The popularity of the GoPro is based on the relationship that every sportsman have with his camera, because with the camera, every sports person becomes his own camera man.

As the brand continues to grow, the technology of the brand also grows. The Hero 3 has exceeded all the expectations since it is compatible to Wi-Fi and it had low light ability. It is now a while since Hero3 was launched and everyone is asking himself what it is going to be the next. However, this is no longer the cases since the GoPro Hero4 is expected to reach the market soon enough.

Hero is going to be available on optimum-fitness.net and it will be in two versions which are HERO4 silver and HERO4 Black. The cameras will have the award winning imaging technology that have been combined with the powerful and easy to use new features like 2.7K50, 4K50 with 1080p120 video capture for Black version. The silver version has built in touch screen display which is convenient for someone who wants to take his own picture. The camera has also the ability for the favorite experience, professional quality content and shares stunning ability.

HERO4 Black offers twice the performance of its predecessor since it is able to capture 4K videos with 30 frames for every second. The camera is able to eliminate the rolling shutter in many scenarios and it allows the time bending for slow motion effect. HERO4 Black is also going to feature a redesigned audio system which captures high fidelity sound and 2 times the dynamic range of the old models. The additional enhancement to the camera are better image quality, low light performance with highlight moments with the improved user interface that helps with easy discoverability and easy access to the controls and features. HERO4blakc is going to be the best camera which is yet to be seen at the market.
You can get more information about HERO4 Silver on optimum-fitness.net. The camera has all the professional images of a HERO4 Black but the camera does not a have the high performance capture modes found with Black Version. Hero4 silver has a touch screen display which offer easy to use and convenience features to the user.
The optimum-fitness.net site wants to help people to get access to all maner of sports equipment. the camera that helps them to express their professional and quality images of themselves. The two cameras are going to expand what it is considered to be possible with the GoPro. For the people who wish to maximize the performance and the versatility of their cameras, then they can benefit from the Protune mode which include the exposure controls , ISO limit, sharpness and color for the video and photo capture. The new settings of the camera after dark can help a person to catch the photos of a campfire or of a Milky Way. The Night Photo with the Night Lapse allows taking the stunning images with the ultra low light scenes and the pictures taking can be customized to reach 30 seconds.

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