Paint Zoom Review – Does It Work, Is It Worth $99? Read this BEFORE you buy.

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The Paint Zoom is one of the most talked about paint sprayers on the web. The sprayer was first introduced to the public via infomercials on television. At first many people thought this product was just another as seen on TV scam however many people are now claiming that this product actually works. It is said to be the answers to painters prayers and it is also said to make the average man be able to paint like a professional. It is sold online and most of the time one is able to find great deals while buying the Paint Zoom online In this review, we will explore if all the above claims hold true.

What is the Paint Zoom?

The Paint Zoom is a paint sprayer that is supposed to make painting a whole lot easier. There have been reports from consumers saying that the Paint Zoom actually cuts back a lot of time while painting. This product is sold online and usually comes with amazing deals. It is a lightweight, portable paint sprayer that has been said to give off professional results while out performing any of the other paint sprayers even though it is the smallest in size, out of over half of the other paint sprayers.

With the Paint Zoom you are said to never have to look at paintbrushes and trays again. This is an easy and fun to use device that makes sure you are able to keep painting as neat as possible. It may seem a little tricky to use at first but after the instruction manual that comes with the advice is read, you will find that using the Paint Zoom will come naturally and is actually fun!

What can the Paint Zoom do?

The Paint Zoom is the perfect sprayer to get any job done. It can paint both the interior and the exterior of houses not to mention that it also can paint patios and furniture as well. Some people have even claimed to have painted their cars with the Paint Zoom as well – though that sounds like a tall claim to me. This device can be used very easily and all that one has to do is simply press the trigger of the paint gun and point the sprayer at the item that you want to spray. However, the only thing that may be a little tricky at first is finding what the perfect distance to stand away from your projection is. However, this can be easily figured out by testing a piece of cardboard before you begin working on your actual project.

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What are the benefits of buying the Paint Zoom?

When one buys the Paint Zoom there are so many benefits that they can look out for. The first set of benefits would start when you purchase that Paint Zoom if it is purchased online from their official website. They always have some type of promotions going on such as paying for your last payment for you and adding on extra products for free. Also, they have the 1 year warranty and the 30 day money back guarantee. Other benefits of buying the Paint Zoom include:

  • The Paint Zoom only weighs four pounds and it comes equipped with a strap with which you can hang it your shoulder whilst painting. This is a good thing because since the sprayer does not weigh much, it makes it easier to use not to mention more easier to carry from place to place. This means that all you have to do is load it up in your car and you are all ready for a job. No more having to lug around what feels like a whole painting system from job to job (in case you are a professional painting contractor).
  • The Paint Zoom will also help you save money in the long run. This is because there is a setting on the Paint Zoom that allows you to control how much paint comes out of the sprayer. Many of the other paint sprayers do not have this feature so you end up wasting more paint than needed for the project.
  • The Paint Zoom also saves you the hassle of having to clean up after you are finished. This is because when you use the traditional method of paintbrushes, rollers and paint trays you are always at risk of knocking the paint over or dropping the brush and there is paint all over the place. However, with the Paint Zoom you do not have to worry about any accidents occurring. This is because the paint will be secured to the Paint Zoom device in a container so there will be no need for paint buckets and things to be laying around in the way, with the possibility of becoming knocked over. Also, you do not have to worry about paint dripping off the paint brush any more all of those worries can be put out of your mind when you use the Paint Zoom.

What are the disadvantages of using the Paint Zoom?

If you are looking for a product that is not going to have any downsides at all, you will be looking for a lifetime. No matter what it is you are buying it is going to have some things that are not so great about it. However, this is okay as long as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages as in the case of the Paint Zoom. Disadvantages of using the Paint Zoom include:

  • Since the paint container is so small it cannot hold a ton of paint. So, if you are using the Paint Zoom to paint an entire room you may have to stop a few times in between painting to get the paint made again. However, once you get used to doing this you will be able to breeze through the steps with no trouble at all. Also, even with doing this you will still be saving more time when it comes to painting than you would as to if you were using the traditional method of painting with a paint brush.
  • The Paint Zoom has been known to cause some people to experience back and shoulder pain when they use the strap to strap the Paint Zoom to them for an extended amount of time. However, this can easy be solved by taking small breaks about every thirty minutes. If you are doing a group painting job then the two of you could take turns using the Paint Zoom so the job can still be completed in the time frame that you wanted to have it done in.

How Much Does the Paint Zoom cost?

The Paint Zoom can run a variety of different prices it just depends on where you purchase the product from. If it is purchased from the official website you will probably come out getting the best deal. This is because at the official site you can:

  • Be sure that you are getting the actually Paint Zoom versus if you were to buy it off of a bidding site you may not get the product you expected and still have to end up purchasing the Paint Zoom from the official website which in return will cause you to waste money.
  • Get great deals and promotions. Usually, the official website offers things such as a one year warranty, a thirty day money back guarantee and lots of extra and bonuses that come included with the Paint Zoom. Also, they may have a special going on where you can buy the paint zoom in 3 installments and they will pay the last payment for you or you could make one payment of $99.99 plus shipping and handling and the Paint Zoom will be yours forever.

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Generally, you can expect to spend around $100.00 on the Paint Zoom. However, you may be lucky enough to find someone who is selling theirs for a cheaper price. But, the danger of buying it second hand is risking whether or not it is going to perform as good as new. Think about it – the Paint Zoom is an excellent product to use so why would someone be selling a perfectly good Paint Zoom to someone for cheap? So, it is important to remember that because if there is something wrong with the product that you buy from the person you will not be able to get a refund and instead you will have to go to the official website and pay for one more which in the end would have caused you to spend more money than if you would have just come to the official website in the beginning.

How Does the Warranty on the Paint Zoom work?

The warranty on the Paint Zoom works just like any other warranty. Basically, what the warranty is saying is that you should not have any problems with your Paint Zoom for an entire year no matter how much the Paint Zoom is used. However, if anything is to happen within that year all you have to do is pay for the shipping and handling and the company will fix your Paint Zoom for free or replace it with a new one if it cannot be fixed. But, if the Paint Zoom has been damaged because of something that shouldn’t have been used or done to it was done then the warranty is no longer effective. So, make sure that you read your Paint Zooms user manual front to back so you do not miss out on some small yet important details that could possibly mess your Paint Zoom up and also make your warranty not be effective anymore. This is a mistake that a ton of people make and then they like to come online and complain about the Paint Zoom’s warranty and customer service representatives even though they were the ones at fault and their simple mistake could have been avoided if they would have just read their Paint Zoom’s user manual.

What comes included with the Paint Zoom?

When you purchase your Paint Zoom it will come equipped with everything that you need. There will be no need to buy anything else unless you just want some extra Paint Zoom paint containers. However, all of the following items will be provided and included in your Paint Zoom costs:

  • The Paint Zoom spray gun
  • The air cap ring
  • The spray pattern adjuster
  • The paint nozzle
  • The O- Ring
  • The nut
  • The paint flow adjuster
  • The gasket
  • The Pickup Tube
  • The Viscosity Cup
  • The paint container
  • The motor base
  • The Spray Gun Holder
  • The Hose

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Also, when the Paint Zoom is purchased from the official website they may throw in some extra Paint Zoom bonuses. Sometimes you can be lucky and they will offer you free paint containers or they may offer them to you in a set at a discounted rate. However, if you buy the Paint Zoom from a person or place different than the official website you are also not even guaranteed that the Paint Zoom will even come equipped with the products that have been mentioned above.

What type of Paint Does the Paint Zoom require?

For the most part the Paint Zoom can use any type of paints. However, it is not meant to be used with textured paints. If textured paints are used the Paint Zoom will experience premature wear and it will also cause your warranty to be voided. So, instead try using one of the following paints:

  • Fence and deck stains
  • Varnishes
  • Sealers
  • Latex
  • Wood preservatives
  • Water- based paints
  • Automobile paints

For a more extensive list of paints that you may be able to try refer to your Paint Zoom’s user manual. They will go over everything that you may have a question or concern about in the Paint Zoom manual. If you find that you still have questions about something then feel free to contact them via phone or email if you feel it is necessary.

Overall Review of the Paint Zoom

Overall the Paint Zoom is an excellent paint sprayer to consider. The Paint Zoom is very affordable and it provides professional work with ease. It is easy to use and it is also fun to use. The Paint Zoom is very easy for one to set up and if the directions that are given to you in the Paint Zoom manual are followed precisely you should have no problems with the Paint Zoom at all.

The Paint Zoom also has to be a legit paint sprayer because the makers offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that they are allowing you an entire month to figure out whether or not the Paint Zoom works and also whether or not it has any defects. If the Paint Zoom did not work and had any defects, they would most likely not have this option available because they would be losing more money by refunding people their money back instead of selling the product. You may be thinking – well they would make money off of the shipping and handling. However that would not make enough money to keep the business running if every customer were to be sending the Paint Zoom back to the makers.


Also, the “Paint Zoom” is very light weight so this allows basically anyone to use it. Also, people who know how to paint can also do side jobs with the Paint Zoom to make extra money due to the simple fact that they can easy just put the Paint Zoom in their car and be on their way without having to worry about it making a mess.

Even though the Paint Zoom may have a few disadvantages that come along with it the product also has a lot of advantages as well. These advantages seem to far outweigh the disadvantages which seems that this product is an excellent choice. This is because other paint sprayers are also going to have disadvantages also. As, a matter of fact any product that you purchase is going to have disadvantages that comes along with it. So, just because the Paint Zoom has disadvantages it does not mean that it is not one of the best paint sprayers that you should consider – especially at the $99 price point.

Think about it – there are so many reviews about the Paint Zoom that say nothing but good things about this product. It doesn’t seem as it would be possible for them all to be fake. Also, there is the fact to consider that the ones that say bad things about the Paint Zoom clearly show that the person who wrote the review did not read the user’s manual and in some cases they were expecting the Paint Zoom to provide services to them that the Paint Zoom put out in clear view that it was not able to do. So, basically those ones do not even count. You can search the web for yourself and see what other information that you will find about the Paint Zoom everything that you will read will lead you to the direction that the Paint Zoom is one of those products that must be tried out.

A ton of people have first seen the Paint Zoom on the infomercials that are shown on television and they couldn’t believe their eyes. However, once they decided to go ahead and make the step to buying the Paint Zoom they were very glad that they had decided to make that next move because the Paint Zoom has helped them out tremendously over and over again. However, it can be agreed that most of the items that are seen on television do not work. But, trust when it is stated that the Paint Zoom is not one of those products. This little device actually does what it says and is well worth the $99 that you will spend on it.

For example, look at the other paint sprayers that are said to be top of the line such as the Wagner. It costs more than the Paint Zoom yet the Paint Zoom beats it every time in portability and precision. The Wagner is a bigger model and it can be harder to move it from place to place even though it has wheels. With the device it is a must for someone to have a truck in order to be able to move it. However, with the Paint Zoom it can easily fit in the trunk of one’s car or even on the backseat or the passenger’s seat.

The Paint Zoom is easy to clean and it is easy to get started with using. When you purchase the Paint Zoom you will have everything that you need to use – besides the paint of course. Also, the Paint Zoom is saving money because it does not waste paint like the other paint sprayers do. So, it is just a win-win situation when it comes to using the Paint Zoom.

You will be happy with the Paint Zoom – it is guaranteed and if you are not, you have 30 days to send it back so you really are not losing anything at all buying the Paint Zoom and it is a wonderful investment. It is also best to purchase the Paint Zoom now so you will be able to get all the bonuses and extra discounts while they are available. Since, this product is so good and useful these cheap prices will not always be around so it is best to go ahead and get the product for a super steal now instead of waiting around and having to pay the full price later.


However, the decision is still up to you. Just make sure that you do a little research on the Paint Zoom first before you make that decision if the Paint Zoom is the product for your needs.

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